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     Lisa Weightman , Olympian and Commonwealth Games bronze medalist

     Lisa Weightman, Olympian and Commonwealth Games bronze medalist

Lisa Weightman is currently Australia’s fastest female marathoner, with a personal best time of 69:00 for the Half Marathon and 2:26:05 for the Full Marathon.  Living in Melbourne, Lisa is a highly regarded business consultant and people manager at IBM.  Mum of toddler Peter Richard McArthur, who is a little speedster himself and who is named after both his Grandpas and Coach Richard Telford.

In her first Marathon race since giving birth to her son Peter in Dec 2014, Lisa won Silver in the 2016 Houston Marathon in January with a time of 2:27.35.  That is the fastest time by an Australian since Lisa’s run in Melbourne in 2013 pre-Peter.   This time secured her spot on the Rio Olympics team.

Lisa works all day and also trains daily, covering up to 150 km a week around the streets of Melbourne in the evenings with her husband and personal trainer, Lachlan McArthur.  Both Lisa and Lachlan hope that when Peter is big enough to understand, he will be very proud of his athletic parents, who are teaching him that with discipline, team work and drive to never lose sight of your dream - you can achieve amazing results.

After running her third Olympic Marathon, Lisa is looking forward to running her first City2Sea this year in preparation for a Commonwealth Games qualifier in 2017.

Lisa has put together her ultimate list of training tips to share with our avid runners, for all levels of their fitness journey.  

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