The Day Before

The day before the race is an important time in your preparation. Make sure that you have everything that you’ll need on race day ready to go the night before. This will include your clothing and shoes for the race (which you should test out in training beforehand), your race number and timing chip and warm, dry clothes for before and after the race.

Ensure that you are properly hydrated by the day before and avoid alcohol and caffeine, as these may lead to dehydration. Eat a carbohydrate rich meal the night before, which may include pasta, rice or potatoes.

On the Day

Have a light breakfast at least an hour before the race start. This may only include some toast with honey, a muesli bar or some fruit, together with water. Don’t eat something you haven’t tried before a training run as it may have undesired effects! Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the start of the race, to find toilets if needed and to do a short warm up.

Warming up

Beginners will only need perhaps 10 minutes of brisk walking or easy jogging as a warm up. Intermediate and advanced runners should add 2-4 “strides” over 60-80m to their jogging. Give yourself time to get to the start area after warming up so that you feel settled for the start.

During the Race

Avoid starting too quickly and try to settle in to the pace that you can maintain for the race distance as soon as the crowds thin out and you can get a clear run. If you expect to take more than 60 minutes for the 15km distance, you should take a few sips of water at one or two of the drink stations. If it is warm, you will need to drink more and from the first 5km of the race. As you see the kilometres tick down to the end, try to pick up the pace towards the finish if you can. Above all, have fun and enjoy the run!

After the race

Well done on completing the 2016 City2Sea! Keep moving once you cross the finish line. Grab some water or sports drink when you finish. Advanced runners may do 10 minutes of easy jogging to cool down once they have recovered but other runners can substitute a similar amount of walking instead. Try to stretch and eat something light such as fruit or some lollies within 30 minutes of finishing and keep drinking a little water or sports drink. Then it is time to celebrate with family or friends and to start planning your next race!