The Sunday Age City2Sea presented by Westpac will commence at 8:20am on Sunday, 12 November, 2017. The Relay event is a distance of 15km incorporating two legs. Leg 1 is approximately 8km and leg 2 is approximately 7km.

Relay Course Map

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Due to the number of road and construction works taking place in the Melbourne CBD and St Kilda areas these courses may need to change at short notice. We will keep participants updated if changes are needed to be made.


Electrolyte Gels

Please ensure that if you plan to use electrolyte gels on course please consider other runners and the local environment and do not discard them on the road. Please dispose of them in bins, at drink stations or hold onto the rubbish until the end of your run. 

Mapmyrun & Elevation Map

Relay Transition Access Map

The pedestrian route to walk between Ross Gregory Oval (Albert Park) and Catani Gardens is approximately a 15 minute walk. Please see the map below for directions.

15km Cut-Off & Diversion Points

Time of Day Distance Cut-Off Diversion Location
10:05am 7km X All runners must have reached Union Street
10:15am 7.7km X All runners must have reached Fitzroy Street
10:00am 10.6km X Runners that have not reached Aquatic Drive will be diverted onto alternate lakeside path
10:55am 13.5km X Runners that have not reached Lakeside Drive will be diverted onto alternate bike path
11:30am 13.8km X All runners must have reached exit of Albert Street on to Fitzroy Street
12:00pm 15km X All runners must have finished

Drink Station Locations

Location Distance (approx.) Drink Toilets First Aid
Yarra Park Start Line Water Yes Yes
Southbank Boulevard 3.5km Water Yes Yes
St Kilda Road 7.5km Water + nuun electrolyte No No
Albert Road Drive 10.5km Water Yes Yes
Albert Park - Village Green 13.5km Water + nuun electrolyte Yes Yes
Catani Gardens 15km Water + nuun electrolyte Yes Yes

Relay Gear Information

A designated gear holding area will be available at relay transition for Runner 2 to drop their gear until Runner 1 arrives. Please note, gear will not be returned to the finish from this transition point.

Alternatively Runner 2 can give their belongings to Runner 1 for them to drop at the Gear Drop/Collection point prior to race start. Runner 2 can then collect from the Gear Drop/Collection point upon completion of the race.

Relay Runners with Children

If both parents are running as part of a relay team and will have a child(ren) with them on the day, Runner 2 should take the children to the transition area at Ross Gregory Oval (Albert Park). Once at the transition area, identify yourself to a volunteer or staff member who will direct you to a separate zone within the transition area where you will be able to wait with your children.

When Runner 1 reaches the transition area they will tap hands with Runner 2 and also take over care of the children. Runner 2 will then commence their leg of the race. One of the parents or guardians will be able to remain with the children at all times.

The time spent in the transition area does not contribute to the overall team time with timing mats at the entrance and exit of transition. Runner 1 and the children can then make their way to Catani Gardens by walking, over to cheer Runner 2 over the finish line.

Relay Transition

  • The changeover from Runner 1 to Runner 2 will be adjacent to Ross Gregory Oval in Albert Park.
  • Runner 1 will enter the transition zone upon completing the first leg and head towards the letter on their race bib (it will be a letter within the word SWITCH).
  • Runner 2 will have a matching letter on their race bib and be waiting by that letter's sign in the transition area.
  • Runner 1 will meet Runner 2 at their designated letter and hand the slap wristband to Runner 2. Runner 2 can then commence the second leg of the event.

*Please note the transition time is not included in your overall combined team time. Relay placegetters are awarded based on first three across the finish line.

Nova’s Casanovas

Nova’s Casanovas are looking forward to cheering you on at City2Sea with their Fan Zone. If you’re looking for motivation, they’ll give you the boost of energy you need with great music, inspirational signs and a high five if you’re feeling flat. Don’t miss them!