5 Training tips from Tim Horan 

Tim Horan, Former Wallaby and Westpac’s National Head of Sports and Entertainmen 

Tim Horan, Former Wallaby and Westpac’s National Head of Sports and Entertainmen 

1. Keep motivated

What keeps me going when I am running is setting goals to keep myself motivated. The goals only need to be short-term and personal, but achievable. It makes you focus on the present, rather than the huge task ahead of you. My favourite goal is to find someone in the crowd who is slightly faster than you and follow them, making sure you try to beat them by the time you get to the finish line. The charity element of the City2Sea is also a great inspiration to help keep you motivated, you are running for a cause and helping to provide a positive impact on your community.

2. Pace yourself

When you are training ahead of the race, work out what pace suits you best. There is nothing worse than burning out ahead of the finish line. My son is playing rugby now and I am trying to instill in him the virtues of knowing his own game inside and out, and to always think of the end goal first. But remember this is a fun run! Don’t take the event too seriously and enjoy yourself!

3. Mix it up and have fun

When training for a game or event, you usually repeat the same routine every session. In the week leading up to the event I would recommend mixing it up and trying a different route, or running up a hill if you usually don’t. This will ensure you are prepared for anything that comes at you during the course. Switching up your regime can test your endurance and prepare the body for unexpected challenges. Different exercises work your body in a variety of ways, which boosts your overall fitness and health.

4. Stretch

One of the most important things you can do is stretch! If you are out there and pull a muscle, it will impact your performance and overall finish time. The Westpac warm-up is the best way to get you pumped and stretched ahead of the race. It is a good thing for your body as it improves performance and prevents injury.

5. Enjoy Yourself

The City2Sea is an incredible event that you can enjoy with your friends and family whilst raising money for a good cause. Don’t forget that when you are mid-run, the atmosphere will get you through to the end!